Greek LIFE Task Force - LIFE Capacity Building

2018 LIFE Call

The LIFE programme has launched its 2018 call for project proposals. This year, the programme is investing close to €400 million in nature conservation, environmental protection and climate action. It is also introducing a streamlined application process to make it easier for you to request LIFE funds.

As a bottom-up funding instrument, LIFE provides applicants with flexibility to truly innovate. It supports projects that are either tackling climate change, or protecting nature and the environment.

"Traditional" projects may be best-practice, demonstration, pilot or information, awareness and dissemination projects (ie similar to LIFE+ Nature, Biodiversity, Environment and Information projects), depending on the priority area (see below).  Best practice projects apply appropriate, cost-effective and state-of-the-art techniques, methods and approaches taking into account the specific context of the project; demonstration projects put into practice, test, evaluate and disseminate actions, methodologies or approaches that are new or unknown in the specific context of the project, such as the geographical, ecological, socio-economic context, and that could be applied elsewhere in similar circumstances; pilot projects apply a technique or method that has not been applied or tested before, or elsewhere, that offer potential environmental or climate advantages comparedd to current best practice and that can subsequently be applied on a larger scale to similar situations; information, awareness and dissemination projects aim at supporting communication, dissemination of information and awareness raising in the fields of the sub-programmes for Environment and Climate Action.